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Our fundraising efforts go towards lots of lovely things for the children. We have updated our outdoor area with a new mud kitchen (always a favourite!) and created a beautiful sensory garden.

We have purchased some fabulous resources to extend the children's play - varying sizes of large tin tubs and jugs for water play, easy use scissors, foam 'bricks' for large scale play, some wonderful wooden rocker balance boards, sensory matching games to name just a few. We have a fabulous new water wall offering endless fun and learning opportunities!


Your Help - As usual we are relying on your kind generosity, ideas, enthusiasm and support to help our events be a success. 

Our JANUARY JUMBLE was one such success -  people came from miles around, queuing up from 1 p.m. ready for some brilliant bargains! The support from staff, parents past and present and the wider community was simply brilliant. Well done everyone!


Looking ahead – We are very lucky to have an excellent supportive committee, which is essential in order for the group to continue. Being on the team can seem very daunting but we know there is a wealth of different experiences that have been brought to the roles ensuring a vibrant mix of skills on the committee.  

We completely understand people have many demands on their time but having a full committee shares the workload and brings a wider skill set to the table. We feel strongly that a member should have the right information to make an informed decision so there will be lots of opportunities to discuss any questions one may have with the current committee. The more people we have then the workload can be shared – every little bit does help!


Do you may have an aptitude for gathering people together and delegating work?

Are you a star at fundraising?

Do you prefer admin and ensuring correspondence and paperwork are effective?


Being on the committee can be a great addition to your CV. Norfolk County Council provide free training to enhance your knowledge and skills and you will also be supported by the outgoing committee, current staff who have all held various committee positions previously and a detailed NCC Committee handbook.


We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about this so ask away!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at these events!


The Committee

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