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In the Summer Term we hold two open afternoons for those children on the waiting list to start in September onwards. These sessions have proved very successful -  we meet the children and chat to parents and answer lots of questions! Parent feedback from those have been very positive and the settling in process for the children has subsequently gone very well.

We want to establish a positive working relationship with you from the very start.  

When your child starts, we will go through all of the necessary 

documentation with you whilst your child plays. You will also have a chance to meet and talk with your child's key person about your child, their likes/dislikes etc. All of this information will be noted and shared with staff for a clear idea of your child's starting point.  

Settling in periods are different for each child and family. We want you and your child to feel happy, secure and supported.

Spaces are allocated termly and we are unable to hold places more than a term in advance. 

Click on the video below for a tour of some of the activities we offer.

Please use the contact form here for all admission enquiries, or email  

You can also use the form on the 'Contact Us' tab to email details through.  

If you are enquiring about a place for your child, please provide:

 - your child's name

 - date of birth

 - address

 - preferred days

 - your contact number

 - when you wish your child to start

*Children can start from

2 years 6 months* 

Thanks! Message sent.

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