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Parent Rota

Parents have a vital role to play when they help at Pre-School. It offers an excellent opportunity to see your child at play and is a chance to discuss their progress with their key person. Parents are welcome to choose a regular slot to come in or come in when they are free. Coming in helps staff deliver effective learning and is a great way to strengthen parent partnerships.


At our setting we believe that it is important for parents and carers to get involved with the Pre-School community and help out as often as they can, such as attending fundraising events (they are usually great fun!) and taking part in the rota helper system (the children love it and it's fun for the adults too!).

The rota-helper could be a parent, grandparent or carer, who can attend a session to help out and play with the children. If you have a preferred date or are unable to attend your scheduled session please let us know. Do you have a special interest e.g. crafting/gardening/cooking/art etc? We would love you to come in and share this with the children!

Two helpers very kindly constructed our outdoor storage unit for all the equipment and toys we have outside. 





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